Welcome to the HLi Lab

The general theme of our research is to tackle biological problems with advanced computational and statistical methods. We develop sophisticated sequence alignment, sequence assembly and variant calling algorithms that are fundamental to the applications of biological sequence data. We analyze single-cell sequence data to investigate mosaic between cells. We are also interested in questions related to evolution, from species evolution over hundreds of millions of years, to human evolution in the past hundreds of thousands of years, all the way down to cell evolution in hundreds of cell cycles.

We are part of the department of Biomedical Informatics of Harvard Medical School and the department of Biostatistics & Computational Biology of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Our lab has collaborations with the Xie Research Group, the Reich lab and the MacArthur lab around the Boston area, as well as others elsewhere. Our work is routinely used by thousands of researchers across the world. We are an established young lab and are looking for passionate PhD students and postdocs to join our team!



Shilpa's K99 application is awarded.


Jiazhen Rong joined the lab as an intern.


Haowen Zhang joined the lab as an intern.


Xiaowen Feng joined the lab as a postdoc.


Shilpa Garg transitioned to the lab as a postdoc.


Haoyu Cheng joined the lab as a postdoc.


Paper 'Identifying centromeric satellites with dna-brnn' published in Bioinformatics.


HLi Lab is established.

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