Group Members

Heng Li

Associate Professor, started Oct 2018. Email:

Haoyu Cheng

Postdoc, started May 2019.

Xiaowen Feng

Postdoc, started Aug 2019

Justin Chu

Postdoc, started Aug 2020

Li Song

Postdoc, joined Feb 2022

Kar-Tong Tan

PhD candidate (co-mentored with Matthew Meyerson), joined Dec 2019

Yujie (York) Zhang

HSPH master student, joined Nov 2021

Yujie Guo

HMS master student, joined Jan 2022

Past Members

  • Haowen Zhang (2019-2022). Intern PhD student and collaborator in GaTech.
  • Yaxin Yang (2021). Visiting undergraduate student in University of Rochester → PhD candidate in UIUC.
  • Jiazhen (Jojo) Rong (2019-2021). DBMI master student → PhD candidate in UPenn.